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Opening Day Reflections

It's the striking feeling of vulnerability that left an impression on me:

How will we make enough money?

Will the people that work for this company have a good experience?

Do people really need the things we're offering?

What should I be doing RIGHT NOW?

Why won't this blasted website do what I want it to do?

Who should I be calling?

Are we annoying people?

On and on it goes. And this was just day one.

There was something else we experienced, however, that will permanently mark me. Shocking, overwhelming, humbling support and encouragement. Dozens of texts messages and emails. A friend who brought lunch for the YouAre staff, just because. An invite onto a podcast to help gain exposure. Incredibly generous phone conversations. One new friend I've never even met said the following:

I just want to see good things happen to good people, I will do whatever I can to help.

This was not the world you see on the news. This was not the nation supposedly ripped apart by political ideology. This was humanity, in its kindest form.

We are A People Brand, but on day one, the people branded us.

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