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People First, Always

When you create the motto 'A People Brand', it establishes an accountability that can be uncomfortable. There it is in plain language, our brand is for people.

We've lived for other things, and found the fruit of reward to lack sustenance of sweetness. You can't take anything with you; all we leave is the legacy of those we've affected. This is true for whichever effect you have on those around you.

Imagine if everyone truly lived by this mantra. What type of change could we realize If we sincerely woke up each day and resolved to raise up those around us?

We're not talking about the vacuous principle of welfare, which is the most corrupt and selfish form of enablement. We rarely see someone touting welfare that is doing so out of goodness rather than veiled selfish ambition. There are seasons for charity that should not induce shame, but be wary of assistance corroding personal subsistence. It is a poisonous and deadly drug.

We're talking about helping people build a lasting foundation. We're talking about helping people overcome mental illness. We're talking about showing people how to escape generational poverty. We're talking about people who produce more than they consume. We're talking about people who embrace the idea that we'll leave nothing but the contrails of those we've lifted up.

That's why we're here. We want to impact people. We want to empower and encourage them to reach for things started as a dream the size of a mustard seed. It can feel overwhelming in moments of reflection, but it starts one individual at a time. People first, always.

Practical Application:

We find that this is mostly a psychological battle with our own desires. The best way to overcome this perspective is to do something to lift someone else up every single day. It doesn't have to be something huge to make an impact. It can be as small as an earnestly delivered exhortation. You never know what impact a single sentence might have on someone's life.

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