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Dreaming is Paramount

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

What is it that you would do if you had absolutely no fear of failure?

This question runs through our head every day. Not so much because we embody it in our daily lives, but rather because we are filled with trepidation of what may lie ahead. Fear is often the single greatest obstacle we face in our lives.

What happens if I fail? Will my family be ruined? I don't know what I am doing. What is the next step? What happens if I let people down? If I lose money, will I still be able to survive? Will people think I am irresponsible if this doesn't work? Will people laugh at my humble beginning?

The mental merry-go-round is remarkable, and it never ends.

This may seem like a strange correlation, but fear is the opposite of dreaming. When you think about your dreams, like really really think about them, does fear invade your mind? Or do you release yourself into the imperceptible possibility of the unknown?

It is rare that the act of contemplating your purpose is anchored by fear. It is only in moments of reflection and consideration next steps that fear drips poison into your mind.

Fear is not a sign you're going the wrong direction. It is an indication you're going somewhere you've never been before. You're likely on the precipice of breaking down the door of new possibility. This must be embraced.

We seem to be living in a time that sacrifices dreams on the altar of security. Much of this stems from materialism and seeking comfort. It is the thief of fulfillment and impact. Your impact is on the other end of the equilibrium from your comfort, and will be stunted if you seek security instead of leaning into your dreams.

Failure is a sure sign you're pursuing something difficult. Keep failing over and over. When you've stopped failing, you can be certain your impact is negligible. Your dream is the thing that scares you the most when you begin to take steps towards realization. Never, ever let this go. Dreaming is paramount. Your purpose and impact is just over the bridge.

Practical application:

Create space in your life to imagine what you might do if you had no more fear. Get extremely specific about what it is that you dream. Write it down and make it plain.

Take a step every single day towards that dream. For example, say you have a book that's been on your heart for years. Write something every single day. Even if it is a single word. Write something.

Every Sunday evening, sit down and consider what needs to happen this week to make real progress in recognizing your dream. Then break it down into what you can do each day, and simply refuse to make excuses for yourself until you've completed the step each day. You'll be amazed how quickly you gain real traction.

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