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When YouAre was merely an unnamed concept, we struggled to effectively communicate the different ways in which we approached life. We did and believed uniquely, but how could we actually provide value and help build people up within this construct? Introducing, YouAre | A People Brand. YouAre is from individuals, for individuals. We embrace unique talent and creativity. We encourage free-thinkers and those that refuse to conform to societal pressure. We're here to empower people and encourage healthy behaviors, not to tailor our message for popularity and collecting likes. We welcome and encourage your respectful disagreement. We believe in people, not politics. We strengthen minds for critical thinking, eschewing groupthink. We are guided by seven basic values, please hold us accountable: - People First, Always - Ideas are the Lifeblood of Hope - We Do Not Gossip, Ever - Disagreement is Beauty - Dreaming is Paramount - Never Permit the Pressure to Exceed the Pleasure - No Deal Unless Mutually Good YouAre is a brand with a collection of agencies, each with their own focus and director. We have YouAre | Well: health and wellness directed by Samantha Walters. YouAre | Home: realty services directed by Blake Bennett. YouAre | Abundant: alternative investment syndications directed by Isaac Bennett. YouAre | Secure: cybersecurity software-as-a-service in partnership with Intrusion, directed by Isaac Schafer. We're also thrilled to welcome Brook Vosler to the team, as a Territory Manager for YouAre | Secure. The real reason we are here, however, is YouAre | Good. Success and happiness are fleeting pursuits, but what we pay forward will last into eternity. YouAre | Good will support carefully selected charitable causes with a percentage of all YouAre net income. When you partner with YouAre, Good happens. We will work every day to put you—an individual—first, no matter what capacity with which we're working with you. We commit to partnerships and deals that only serve a mutual good. Reach out and say hello, or leave a note on a blog post. We'd love to get to know you.

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