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Across the United States, more people are pursuing a career in residential real estate than ever before. There are currently more actively licensed real estate agents than there are homes for sale on the market. We’re just one of a thousand locally, so why is YouAre | Home set apart from the rest? We truly desire to see people for who they could be and give them the best opportunity in pursuing financial independence and reaching their individual goals through home ownership, however that journey looks for them.

The heart of Home is to accomplish this from the inside out.

Our market will only be as healthy as the professionals working in it.

Our agents will only be as successful as the mutual respect shown them by other agents. And our clients will only be as happy as our agents are willing to sow into them.

What does this mean? We need healthy agents with healthy relationships. YouAre | Home seeks to eliminate the stigmas and stereotypes associated with sales culture and redefine it entirely. We can only do this one relationship at a time,- it starts with you and us.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, photographer, closer, lender, transaction coordinator or fellow agent, you can count on Home to treat you with integrity and kindness, genuine kindness. We are saying “goodbye” to gossip, deception and self-centeredness and embracing a new kind of salesmanship, one based around achieving mutual good through building others up with our words, actions and sacrificial service. After all, one will only ever achieve as much as they are willing to invest in those around them. This is what success is to us, let’s partner together and build something new. We’d love to create lasting positive change with you. Let’s get started!

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