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What We Love Doing

Here at Abundant, it has become clear that working with investors is our favorite part. We love everything about it, the people, the deals, providing value and returns in a zero interest rate environment. It is fulfilling to create something and then send checks out to good folks every month. It strikes us as the definition of mutual good.

So it is interesting and compelling to find out that many of our fellow syndicators do not feel the same way. They may lack the network, the time or the inclination to work with investors. Many are simply busy doing what they do best, sourcing and operating great assets. The skillset required may be the opposite of what is required working with investors.

So we think it is necessary that we bring to market a service that focuses on just this: raising money for great syndicators operating quality assets, and managing the investor base for the duration of the project. We are currently working with several wonderful syndicators and a deep investor base, but we're always looking for more great people to work with.

If you are a current syndicator or operator that wants to scale, or maybe simply doesn't like this aspect of your business, please reach out to connect with us. We'd love to help analyze your situation and see where there may be a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you're an investor looking to broaden your knowledge and access to opportunities, we're always here to help you find great deals.

Remember, we look for value, durability, cash flow and counter-cyclical assets that stand the test of time. If that sounds appealing to you, say hello!

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