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Deliver Us From Wall Street

This morning began with the following message in my inbox: Good news, you have a payment totaling $14,796.74 on the way!

This payment didn't come from Wall Street, nor rentals or any other type of traditional asset. It depended on no one and had no counter-party. We did nothing to earn it. It was and will continue to be completely passive. Oh, it's also clipping along around 24 percent annual returns.

You don't have to depend on Wall Street to create wealth for you. Cycles matter, and we're on the precipice of a paradigm cyclic shift. Ask yourself some sobering questions: are you prepared for that shift? Is your strategy prepared for fissures in the system? Do the folks on Wall Street have even an ounce of benevolence in their hearts?

Perhaps the most important realization you can come to in your financial life is that creating multiple streams of income is the only way to create durability. Right behind that is coming to grips with what streams of income weave into your life fluidly. So many people get this wrong, tiring themselves out with exhausting and time-consuming investments. We've made this mistake, and it caused us to search for a new path.

YouAre | Abundant is focused on one thing: building durable, five-generation wealth for our partners. Reach out and say hello. We'd love to learn how we can help you break free from the iron grip of Wall Street.

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