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New Opportunity in Paradise!

We've been talking about Belize here at Abundant for a long time, but haven't opened up an opportunity for investment recently. That's changing very soon! This is your advance notice that in the next few weeks we will be bringing you a chance to invest in one of the most exciting markets in the world. Here's just a few reasons why we chose Belize as one of our focus areas:

- NO capital gains tax

- Repatriate money tax free if you're over 45

- 1.5% tax on rental income

- $100/room per year real estate tax (really!)

- English speaking

- Dynamic nightly rental market

- Huge capital upside

- Early in adoption curve

- Incredibly kind people

- Gorgeous scenery

- Irreplaceable property

At the investor Summit on Sand last month, Robert Kiyosaki impressed upon us to make things simple, and then even more simple. Here's our pledge to you: this will be one of the most simple, clear cut investments you ever make. No timeshares, no gimmicks, no games, no fees. Just real, deeded ownership of super high-quality resort property on irreplaceable land. Investment in Belize might sound difficult, but we're going to make it dramatically easier than buying a car in the States. Oh, and we'll have our own money in this as well, so you'll be investing alongside us.

Sound good? Reach out and let me know that you'd like to review the details once they are available. Readers of are put on the priority list and will have the first chance to review!

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