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Among the many principles of wealth creation, figuring out how to use leverage is likely the most important. It's a disappointing and unnecessary side-effect of a dishonest system that benefits those at the very top the most.

Just behind learning how to carefully employ leverage, understanding how to have your money work for you rather than trading time for money is near the top of the list. Plenty of people create wealth without this ability, but it requires an acute skill to do so. Most of us have not had the opportunity or lack the acuity to develop such a skill.

In a system designed to rob you, it is imperative to figure out how to have your--and more importantly other people's--money working for you.

We're wallowing inside an environment that deeply punishes saving, but that cannot cause us to eschew the discipline of contentment, which leads to excess production and new possibilities.

This is a lengthy way to say something simple: yesterday is our favorite day at Abundant...PAYDAY for our investors!

Seriously, we love sending you checks. It brings us tremendous fulfillment to know we're helping busy and talented people further their wealth and impact. It feels like one little battle won against the behemoth of Wall Street. We are deeply humbled you would choose us and trust us with your hard earned capital.

If you want to learn more about investing, or simply have a desire to get your money to work without additional effort from you, we'd be honored if you'd reach out to us for a friendly discussion. We exist to serve you, and ultimately send you checks.

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