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Welcome to YouAre | Good

Why are we here?

How often does this question percolate in your mind? It sloshes around ours regularly, and it leads us to continually search out truth.

We were blessed to recognize at a relatively young age that the trappings of this earth held nothing for us. We've watched two generations trade their time for income, their ethics for career gain, and the durability of their balance sheet for debt-laden liabilities. Ugly balance sheets are a dry lake for making a difference.

"We aim for everything we do to impact five generations"

These words were spoken by a dear friend of ours, and they stopped us in our tracks. What were we doing with our lives? We were thinking about the possibility of two generations, but certainly not five. It bothered us, to say the least.

How on earth does someone impact five generations? Most of us don't even know the names of our ancestors from five generations ago. This simple sentence caused us to rewire our entire thought process:

If we are going to impact five generations, what do we have to do? Who do we have to be? What changes do we need to make? How should our perspectives shift? What does "impact" even mean? Is it important to make an impact beyond your own family?

Questions are better than answers. If you've stopped asking questions, you're probably not being challenged. YouAre is not about providing answers, it is about getting you to ask questions of yourself and others. Illumination cannot happen until we have the humility to ask questions.

YouAre | Good is an outpouring of this friendly challenge. We knew that if we were forge a new path, it had to be for a cause greater than our own.

So that's what we're going to do. We're going to build people up by challenging them to ask great questions. We're going to help heal minds and bodies. We're going to establish foundational building blocks through home ownership. We're going to break addictions to Wall Street. We're going to turn the tide of cyber warfare. We think all of these things are good.

But they aren't five generations good.

Five generations is transformational. Five generations is radical. Five generations requires uncompromising individuals who are not satisfied with the status quo. Five generations requires an a new mindset. Five generations is daily commitment. Five generations is a river of abundance. Five generations is Good.

This is where our search led us: Sacrifice. Durability. Endurance. Commitment. Boldness. Courage. Finally, it led us to a concept we believe holds the key t