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Our world is becoming completely integrated with technology. From the supercomputers that we all hold in our hands, to IoT devices like refrigerators and faucets that connect to our networks. With connectivity comes vulnerability. At YouAre | Secure, we believe that every device and network is already compromised. From our personal home networks to Fortune 100 companies, everyone and everything is at risk.

Warren Buffet was recently quoted saying that cybersecurity is the number one threat to humanity. Cyber crime is estimated to cause over $6 trillion in damages in 2021. Over 60% of businesses that are attacked by cyber warfare are out of business 6 months later. Our core value is People First, Always: with this in mind it is time to fight back against this plague.

We believe that every person, home and business should be protected. The problem is so widespread and so insidious we believe the best solution has three primary characteristics:

Simple: Complex problems do not require complex solutions. The best solutions are elegant, easy to implement and do not get in the way.

Affordable: Cost should never be a prohibitive factor for something so necessary. The right solution must be scalable, from personal networks to Fortune 100 companies without increasing the burden of cost.

Superior: Just because something is simple and affordable doesn’t mean it should compromise quality and effectiveness. To make a difference in this fight against cybercrime, only the most innovative and powerful solutions will actually start to turn the tide.

YouAre | Secure has found the one solution that checks all of these boxes. We are thrilled to partner with INTRUSION Inc. and their groundbreaking new product.

Introducing “Shield” by INTRUSION Inc, the only cybersecurity solution that combines “plug ‘n play”auto-configuration simplicity with truly superior network protection, boasting 99.999% accuracy. Shield monitors every packet of data coming onto or leaving your network in real time, identifying malicious connections and killing them. No IT department alerts, no potential threat list, just destroyed malicious connections and a safer network. All of this comes with the affordable and scalable Security-as-a-Service pricing model.

We are convinced that INTRUSION Shield is truly a one of a kind cybersecurity solution, the answer to turning the tide in our war against cyber crime. At YouAre | Secure, our primary mission is to ensure every network within our reach is able to access the Shield solution to accomplish that goal.

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