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Welcome to YouAre | Well Training. I offer online personal training and nutrition coaching. 


YouAre | Well believes that our physical health is a direct reflection of what is going on in both our mind and body. Because of this, it is important to prioritize it in any way that we can.

YouAre | Well Training is dedicated to making your health and fitness a priority in your life, whether that be through working out, nutrition coaching, or overall tips and tricks on managing your physical health.

This brand actively works to help you achieve any of your fitness goals. No matter your starting point, I am here to help.


YouAre | Well currently offers individual one-on-one coaching via virtual training, in-home training, and online programming.


Check out the services I offer and the About Me page to learn more.


Let's stop shrinking and start growing!

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online programming

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Virtual training

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

In-home training


"I  would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone. She has a realistic and passionate approach to her work and is so understanding of the person's needs and goals. She's approachable and a great guide to have in an intimidating life style change. She's truly a gem!"


"Sam did an incredible job not only being a coach but also being someone to confide in when it came to my goals and was always open to questions. Very non judgmental and a great teacher! Even being all the way in LA she was so hands on with putting together my workouts, nutrition and being a great person to talk to! I would Highly recommend Sam for anyone looking to start there fitness journey for a healthy lifestyle! Sam really kickstarted my fitness lifestyle and held me accountable."


"I have been working with Sam since the beginning of July 2021 with her one on one training program. Sam was able to gain a full understanding of my needs, my life schedule, and the areas in which I wanted to improve and design a program that specifically caters to those needs. I really love that I am able to train from my home at my own convenience. Sam is super responsive to any questions I have and she is able to adapt each training session to my needs and help with things like form and technique in an easy to understand way. She has also been able to help me balance my fitness with my nutrition and give accountability and encouragement. In the past few months I have been working with Sam I have seen a positive shift in my energy and in my body composition. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing . “


“I am so thankful for the expertise and professionalism that Sam showed while helping me build a workout plan that was right for me. She took the time to understand what my goals were along with how I prefer to exercise and helped me come up with a program that has worked great for me! I highly recommend Sam to anyone who is at any point in their fitness journey from just beginning to years of experience and just wanting to switch things up! She is fast to respond, personable and makes the process easy and fun! Thank you Sam for helping me reach my fitness goals! "


Sam is one of my oldest and dearest college friends, but that was not the only reason why I chose to work with Sam. She is intentional, communicative, and passionate about moving, training, and growing. In my time working with Sam, I expanded my weight room knowledge significantly with many new lifts. My biggest takeaway, however, was Sam’s ability to educate me, virtually, on my form. Correcting my form has transformed my workouts, whether they are lifting workouts on my own or class style exercise. This change has also resulted in a HUGE decrease in lower back pain and tension. Sam is your go-to to start your fitness journey or grow from where you’re at.



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CALL: 309.370.5413


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