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Hello friends! Allow me to introduce myself:


My name is Sam Walters, and fitness has been a passion of mine for years, which led me to pursue getting my personal training certification. 


This love hasn't always been a healthy one, though. I quickly fell into the insidious trap of diet culture and obsessive exercise. These toxic habits followed me into college. I spent years treating my body with both verbal and physical abuse. In September of 2018, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and soon began the long process of recovery.


Through this healing journey, I discovered new passions in my love for exercise that were outside of aesthetics. While this is always an added benefit, the main reasons I was now working out were to feel strong, improve my mental health and energy levels, increase my quality of life, and to fall back in love with the process of exercise- not the desired outcome.


I am currently an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a nutrition coach and weight loss specialist. Because of my negative history with exercise and food, my passion is to help young girls and women discover the beauty of exercise that has nothing to do with changing our bodies from the outside. Having this perspective truly transformed my entire life in the best way possible, and I know that it can do the same for many other women.


I primarily help young women (ages 25-35), but I have worked with a wide variety of people. I have worked with clients who special conditions, such as PCOS and Post-Polio syndrome, as well as those who have suffered from past injuries. I feel confident helping anyone accomplish their goals. I help people find the value in GROWING rather than shrinking by building strength and gaining confidence in their own skin. Instead of wanting to be skinny, we want to be strong! Let's ditch that scale mindset together!

Samantha Walters

Agency Director of YouAre | Well



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